Limited Editions

WILD values every individual customer, all WILD styles have a limited run per color. Like a limited Edition lithograph or wood block print, each style/color is hand numbered. For example, if the color edition for a certain style is 300 then each piece will be numbered 1/300, 2/300... 300/300. After the 300th piece is made (for this example) there will be no other production of that style/color. If you bought one of the 300 you know there are only 299 like garments anywhere in the world. This is WILD's way of telling our customers that you are getting a crafted product and not something generic meant to be disposed of in 12 months.


Spirit Animals:

The Owl on the inside of the jacket is not meant to be a logo, but a WILD spirit animal, or type of good luck charm. The idea is that each year the spirit/charm icon will change to something different like a lynx or a bear, wolf etc. This will make each year’s product distinguishable by the icon.